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We Help to Save You Money and Time

When you adopt Eboost credit card processing services, you save your time not wasting in the minute details of merchant services. This allows you to do what really matters - growing your business. We follow a painless process. We offer services without any hidden fees. Our clients prefer us due to our affordable rates and high-quality services.

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How it works

We offer better card processing rates and a trusted partner network that will help your company to solve payment problems for your small business.


Get Rid of Traditional Processes

We deliver you with a unique payment experience that sets us apart.


Devote More Time to Your Business

We can take care all aspects of your hardware for accepting payments.


We Start Processing Instantly

We offer services without complex paperwork and process credit cards in no time.


Funding Applications


Flexible Financing up to


Rates as low as

24 hours

Funding as fast as


Credit Card Processing Plans

Cash Discount

  • Eliminated Credit Card Processing Fees
  • We Reduce Chargebacks
  • Offer Discount in Place of Service Fees if Paid in Cash or Check
  • Simple Payment Processing Statements

Flat Fee Pricing

  • Simple and Easy Process
  • No Need to Check Each Transaction
  • Know Credit Card Processing Bill Well in Advance
  • Everything is Stable
  • Considers the Volatility of Interchange Rates.

A Novel Processing Type

We have designed an innovative method that is perfect for the eCommerce retailers. It is known for its flexibility, efficiency, and fastness.

Simple and Transparent

We offer 100 % transparent pricing to save you valuable money with our services and provide you with clear statements enabled by technology.

Safe and Secure

We use secure methods for payment processing, partnering with reputed credit networks, reducing your risks and verifying the safety and security of financial transactions.

Fast Funding

We accelerate your cash flow and ensure that you get a speedy authorization and receive the funds within the same day with our reliable services.

Cost-efficient POS Solutions

We offer affordable POS Solutions catered to your unique needs, and it is also possible to customize your POS systems with insights, rewards, etc.

Multiple Modes of Payment

We provide customers with the ease of transaction by accepting payments through Google Wallet, Apple Pay, EMV Chip, Debit and Credit Card, etc.

Reduce Fees

We help to reduce fees and processing costs with our merchant services to increase the availability of the funds for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, if your application is approved, you will receive a proposal. You will only be committed if you accept the proposal and sign the agreement. You have no obligations until then.

We run a soft credit pull on the owner or majority owner of the company. Your credit score is not affected.

The minimum qualifications for E-Boost are 1 or more years of consistent sales history and average monthly sales of $15,000 USD.

You will complete our 5-minute online application form for eCommerce Funding after registering on the E-Boost platform. Our system will examine your application and send you an email once it is complete. Funds are deposited in your bank account in 1-2 business days if accepted.

E-Boost can be used in conjunction with most other types of funding. Funding the expansion of your marketplace business is not a one-size-fits-all option.

Within 24 hours of the receiving the approval.