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Frequently Asked Questions

Many small business owners believe that obtaining capital loans is a lengthy, difficult process. Fortunately, that’s not how things have to be! Loans for businesses can be quickly and easily obtained through online applications with alternative lenders such as E-Boost. A loan approval could happen in as little as 24 hours.

Business owners should have a personal credit score of at least 530 to be eligible for a working capital loan from an online lender, while a score of at least 600 is most competitive, especially for traditional banks and lenders.

Along with the application’s business plan and financial data, lenders also consider the length of time the applicant has been in operation. This typically means that as part of the application procedure, candidates must provide at least two years’ worth of tax returns as well as at least 12 months’ worth of personal and company bank records.

Working capital loan interest rates vary depending on the type of borrowing, the lender, and the borrower’s personal and corporate credit histories. Rates, however, can generally range from 3% to 99%, depending on the lender, the loan’s terms, and the requirements of the applicant.

To apply for a working capital loan, you will need to provide some basic financial details about your company. Eboost partners offer a convenient online application for a working capital business loan.

Even if obtaining a working capital loan is still achievable with a FICO score of just 530, it could be more challenging than for borrowers with better credit. Nevertheless, borrowers with poor credit often have more success getting approved by online lenders than by conventional banks and credit unions. Owners of small businesses who can use valuable collateral may also be more likely to be approved for financing than those who can only use unsecured loans.

A working capital loan can help a business grow by providing it with the funds it needs to cover its short-term operational expenses, allowing it to scale up more quickly and improve its bottom line and profitability.